Summit Schedule

Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2019

Looking at all distribution channels (GDS, TMCs etc) in terms of cost v value

HR has to leave the office and get in to the community

Masterclass presentation: digital marketing for boutique hotels

Can hotels use sustainability as a marketing tool and a way of reducing operating costs, or is simply a waste of money which guests don't care about? (Online polling of audience)

Video: what does the term boutique hotel mean to the public?

Hard hitting debate about the merits of all three, including case studies

Masterclass presentation: The 8 KPIs of hospitality

Presentation: The online customer journey - how it is changing?

Regular hotel guests share their good and bad experiences with owners and operators

Budget boutique and hybrid hotels

A look at the latest cost-saving guest-facing tech such as check-in kiosks, bluetooth door entry, smart meters, mobile app platforms for staff. Plus a glimpse at what is around the corner.

• How to make F&B profitable

• Wellness

• Accessibility

• Partnering with your local community

The atmosphere was great and made some very interesting contacts. The visit to the hotels is an excellent idea and I heard great feedback from other delegates. Well done to the entire team!

Vivien Ivanyi, Management Consultant

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