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Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2019

Grab a pastry and a coffee before we kick off.

Welcome and introduction.

• George Sell, editor, Boutique Hotel News

When you look back at life, will you be able to say that you have given it everything? Have you lived a life of real meaning and depth? Have you given your very best to the family, the business, your friends and, of course, yourself? Can you say that you have worked hard for what you really believe in?

In an ever increasing busy world, we are becoming more and more visual, overloaded with stimulation.

We will be joining inspirational speaker Craig Goldblatt to take time for meditation, breath and to set our own intention and path! This powerful guided visualisation exercise will allow you to practice a deep sense of gratitude for your life and all you care for. Through this practice Craig will guide you to focus on what is most important to you in this moment and for the future.

Day 1

Craig Goldblatt


Frank Reeves, CEO of Avvio, interviews two of the biggest players in the hotel distribution market about how the space is evolving and what the future holds.

• Krishan Kadodwala, director market management, UK & Ireland, Expedia
• Satyan Joshi, hotel ads business leader, Google

Hotel Alex, Zurich, Switzerland.

Presented by Jonathan Humphries, CEO, HoCoSo and Alan O'Dea, managing director, Campbell Gray Hotels

Day 1

Alan O'Dea

Campbell Gray Hotels

What are the variables involved when valuing boutique and lifestyle hotels compared with larger and more generic properties?

• Presentation by Tom Holt-Wilson, director, Christie & Co

Followed by an in-depth look at the state of the transaction and investment market with a focus on who is buying, who is selling and why?

Moderator: Weldon Mather, director, WM Consultancy Ltd
• Andrew Harrington, partner, AHV Associates
• Josh Littman, Head of Luxury Development, Europe, IHG
• Tom Holt-Wilson, director, Christie & Co

Day 1

Tom Holt-Wilson

Christie + Co

Day 1

Weldon Mather

WM Consultancy Ltd

Day 1

Andrew Harrington

AHV Associates

HR has to leave the office and get in to the community

• Presentation by Adam Rowledge, general manager, Georgian House Hotel, London

Day 1

Adam Rowledge

Georgian House

Digital marketing and how the online guest journey is changing.
Presented by Sophie McCrow, strategy director, Four Communications.

Day 1

Sophie McCrow

Four Communications

What role do loyalty and reward programs play in the boutique and lifestyle hotel space, and how is their offer evolving to cater for an increasingly experience-driven traveller?

Moderator: Dina Soliman, founder, Brandfull

• Elizabeth Cunningham, head of loyalty proposition, Avios
• Rosalie van Beveren, EU brand ambassador, Lightspeed
• Marcus Orbé, CEO and co-founder, Amberlair, crowd sourced boutique hotel

Can hotels use sustainability as a marketing tool and a way of reducing operating costs, or is it simply an extra expense which guests don't really care about?

Moderator: Madhu Rajesh, director, International Tourism Partnership

• James Fry, co-founder, Base Aparthotels
• Stephen Marks, healthy buildings specialist
• Karina O’Gorman, director, global corporate responsibility, IHG
• Rachel McCaffery, co-founder, Travel Without Plastic

Day 1

James Fry

Base Aparthotels

Day 1

Stephen Marks

Mind Body Building

Day 1

Rachel McCaffery

Travel Without Plastic

Day 1

Madhu Rajesh

International Tourism Partnership

Eight Inc. principal Steve Lidbury looks at the future of hospitality and showcases what it means to design a holistic customer journey.

Day 1

Steve Lidbury

Eight Inc

Regular hotel guests share their good and bad experiences with hotel general managers.

Moderator: Fiona Adams, co-founder, The Know.

• Jason Adams, general manager, The Lygon Arms
• Samantha Ayriss, VP agency lending at a London investment bank
• Andrew Coney, general manager, The Hari
• Paul Burleton, associate director, head of consulting, strategy & innovation, Lysis Group

Day 1

Fiona Adams

The Know

Day 1

Jason Adams

The Lygon Arms

Day 1

Andrew Coney

The Hari

Day 1

Samantha Ayriss

London investment bank

Day 1

Paul Burleton

Lysis Group

Hard hitting debate about the merits of all three.

Host: Simon Hudspeth, Hotel asset and investment manager

• Navneet Bali, chairman, MEININGER Hotels
• Ben Harper, Managing director, Watergate Bay Hotel
• Nick Turner, managing director, OMG International, Laura Ashley Hospitality

Day 1

Navneet Bali

Meininger Hotels

Day 1

Nick Turner

Laura Ashley Hotels, Resorts and Tea Rooms

Day 1

Simon Hudspeth


Day 1

Ben Harper

Watergate Bay Hotel Ltd

Development workshop combining investors and operators interest to create an innovative boutique hotel concept. The workshop will trigger attendees creative ideas, and the groups will then share their findings and ideas with the collective.

Workshop led by Piers Brown, IHM and Katie Terres, Head of operations, Artiq

Focus group huddles to include:

• Design: led by Una Barac, executive director, Atellior
• Social spaces and community: led by Harry Harris, CEO, SUSD
• Technology: Jeff Swanson, Managing director, EMEA, RMS Cloud
• Sleep science: led by Charlie Rosier, co-founder, Cuckooz
• Investor considerations led by Jason Wischhoff
• Services and operations: led by Marie Ellis, field marketing manager, Planday
• Marketing and distribution: led by Alexander Novicov, CEO, IQD Agency

Day 1

Alexander Novicov

IQD Agency

Day 1

Marie Ellis


Day 1

Katie Terres


Day 1

Una Barac


Informal and interactive group discussions led by experts in their field.

• How to make F&B profitable: led by Jon Yantin, managing director, Stake Concepts
• Wellness: led by Paula Perkins, spa and wellness consultant
• Accessibility: led by Robin Sheppard, chairman, Bespoke Hotels
• Management - in-house, white label or franchise? led by Harry Douglass, associate director, HVS
• Budget boutique and hybrid hotels: led by Paul Mac Sherry, director, MSA
• Guest reviews and reputation management: led by Mark Evans, business development manager, GuestRevu
• Co-living and co-working: led by Tzvete Doncheva, head of business development, SpaceMize
• Partnering with the local community: led by MJ Paschall, SVP, AKA Hotel Residences

Day 1

Robin Sheppard

Bespoke Hotels

Day 1

Paula Perkins

Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy

Day 1

Jon Yantin

Stake Concepts

Day 1

Mark Evans


Day 1

Tzvete Doncheva


Day 1

MJ Paschall

AKA Hotel Residences

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Celebrate with the winners of the 2019 Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards - The BoHos. The BoHos recognise UK and international boutique, lifestyle and hybrid hotels for providing excellence in guest experience. Uniquely, the BoHos are awarded not on the basis of scores from judges or academics, but based on feedback from real guests in the form of verified online reviews and direct feedback.

Click on the full shortlisted entries for the following categories here:
• Best UK City Hotel 1 – 20 rooms
• Best UK Country and Coastal Hotel 1 – 20 rooms
• Best UK City Hotel 21 – 50 rooms
• Best UK Country and Coastal Hotel 21 – 50 rooms
• Best UK City Hotel 51 rooms and above
• Best UK Country and Coastal Hotel 51 rooms and above
• Best International Hotel 1 – 20 rooms
• Best International Hotel 21 – 50 rooms
• Best International Hotel 51 rooms and above
• Best UK Hotel (overall)
• Best International Hotel (overall)
• Best Group Brand


The event hosted the great and the good from the industry and was excellently attended and curated, there were so many industry insights learnt during the day including the final panel from the leaders which was the prefect finale - a must attend event

Greig Holbrook, Oban Digital

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