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Sheena Bhattessa grew up in a family of central London hoteliers, so has always had a strong familiarity with the travel industry. She developed a solid understanding of the running of a hotel, innovative ways to increase occupancy, how to handle the ongoing relationship with OTAs, the importance of customer loyalty and originality within the hotel sector, and in turn, finding a way to bring new markets to the hotel industry, without alienating current inbound business.

After working with PR companies, she launched her own (It's a PR Company). One of her first trusted PR clients was ‘a curious group of hotels’. Since, she has worked with a range of hotels and tourist boards. Within the first year of starting, Sheena’s company achieved the Newcomer of the Year Award in media, awarded at the House of Commons.

In 2016, Sheena launched Citizen Femme, a luxury online travel magazine for women, driving the trends and spending patterns of the growing millennial market. The magazine talks luxury travel to a global network of women looking to be inspired in their business and personal travels. To date, Citizen Femme has over 40 writers from around the world providing daily tips, insider guides, hotel recommendations and much more. Citizen Femme is becoming the voice of the new generation of travellers.

CF consults has launched within Citizen Femme, alongside Natalie Lewis (formerly PR for global Four Seasons). It provides advisory services for brands and travel companies on how to adapt to travellers of today and tomorrow.  

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The atmosphere was great and made some very interesting contacts. The visit to the hotels is an excellent idea and I heard great feedback from other delegates. Well done to the entire team!

Vivien Ivanyi, Management Consultant

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