How do the BoHos work?

Discover what makes the BoHos unique


What makes the BoHos so unique is that they are awarded based not on scores from professional critics, judges or academics, but on feedback from real guests. Each hotel’s  online reviews and guest feedback will be collected over a three-month period, starting from 1st February 2019.



Once you have entered, your hotel’s online reviews and feedback from your guests will be used to evaluate your performance. This data unfortunately cannot be collected using comment cards, TripAdvisor or an online travel agent such as, but must be collected using a verified guest feedback partner to ensure that the data/reviews are fair and honest (An example of a guest feedback partner is GuestRevu, ReviewPro, TrustYou, Revinate, etc.).

If you don’t already have one, not to worry! GuestRevu is providing their services free of charge for all entrants for the duration of the awards.


“There are many awards out there that are given based on panels opinions who have never stayed at the hotels, and guest feedback is giving little consideration if any, so it’s refreshing that the Boho Awards are giving the awards based on actual guest feedback, which is of course the most important and best indicator about the hotels.”

Alex Horsfall, Director, The Valley Cottages Ltd (shortlisted 2017)

Frequently asked questions

What is a guest feedback partner?

A guest feedback partner is a third party company, like GuestRevu, that helps you manage your hotel's reviews and feedback to save you time and money. Other examples include ReviewPro, TrustYou and Revinate.

What if I already use a guest feedback partner that is not GuestRevu?

If you already have a guest feedback partner, then entering the awards will be easy. Once you are registered, you will simply need to supply your data to the awards team during the data collection period. This can be done directly from your guest intelligence system.

Will this cost me anything?

Entering the competition won’t cost a thing. Even if you aren’t already using a guest feedback provider, GuestRevu is offering their services free of charge for the duration of the data collection period.

I’m not from the UK, can I enter?

Absolutely. There are a number of international categories to be awarded, so hotels from outside the UK are not only welcome, but encouraged to enter.

How do I get help with this process?

GuestRevu's support staff are ready and waiting to help with any questions that you might have. Simply give them a call on +44 (0) 800 133 7023 or send an email to

Will my data be safe according to the new data protection laws?

The safety of your data is our first priority, and we can assure you that your information will be in safe hands.


Previous Awards

A great event which had an intimacy about it that makes the chance conversations much more value-added.

Michael Prager, chairman, Optimal Monitoring Limited & Hospitality Pro

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