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Alexander Novicov


Alexander Novicov believes in a better tomorrow. He started his journey in 2010 when he was fired from an ad agency. He founded his own storytelling agency called IQD and his primary goal was to help people differentiate and create meaningful brands.

In a noisy world, it’s essential that hotels stand out and differentiate themselves. There is a race that looks that it’s a race to the top but actually it’s a race to the bottom. To avoid winning the race to the bottom Alexander and his team creates meaningful meaningful brand stories and authentic content.

He had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients/people, won eight awards, shared his knowledge by doing workshops across Europe and most importantly helped brands create stronger relationships with their guests and increase direct bookings.


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Great to be visible at such a high profile event and to be able to showcase Bespoke.

Amanda Humble - Bespoke Hotels

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