Dina Soliman-Pedersen


Dina Soliman-Pedersen

Founder and managing director

Dina Soliman-Pedersen is the founder and MD of BrandFull, a young brand, marketing and innvovation consultancy. With an international career, she held senior positions, built and scaled brands across multiple markets, leading multi-disciplinary teams from FTS 100 companies to start-ups. She believes there’s too many logos out there yet few distinctive brands with true meaning, personality and loyal following. Dina has been a speaker, moderator and a panellist in global and European forums. She has an Oxford University Certification in Disruptive Strategies in Digital Marketing and holds an MBA with distinction from Georgia State University in the US.

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It’s been great to network with other people within the industry. The tours were really interesting and the conference gives you a great opportunity to find out what’s going on in the sector. After our New Owners panel, the three of us sat down for an hour and discussed how we can help each other.

Nick Davies, co-owner, The Cottage in the Wood

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