Testimonials of the inaugural BoHo Awards


“Winning an award is always wonderful but even more so when they are based on what people say about their time at Raithwaite Estate. When it all comes down to it, our guests are the judges that really matter. As a team we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that everyone who stays with us, comes to the spa, joins us for a conference or dines with us, has the very best possible experience and this award is a testament to that.” – Helen Blower, Estate Manager at Raithwaite Estate (Winner, 2017)

“When I go back to my team in Johannesburg and tell them I was at an event in London where we were one of just three international category winners, it’s a huge boost for us all. The fact that the awards are judged via guest reviews over an extended period of time means that every single member of our staff has played their part in winning it. It means a lot.” – Nikki Swart, co-owner, Rivonia B&B (Winner, 2017)

“We have really enjoyed being part of the BoHo awards; it has really brought us a lot closer to our guests and as a family-owned and -run boutique hotel, this is very important to us. The BoHo Awards are a great initiative, we are always looking to improve what we can offer to our guests and what better way to understand our customers’ needs than to hear directly from them. Reviews and reputation are so important in the industry today, comments are out there immediately for all to see, so we need to get it right.” – Lindsay Steele, Sales Manager, Sweeney Hall Hotel (shortlisted 2017)

“We have enjoyed being part of the first ever BoHo Awards as it has given us the opportunity to show everyone what a great team we are and what a fantastic hotel we have. The BoHos really are a great initiative as it's great to be able to be recognised for the daily hard work we put into the job. We have also got new insights into our own guests during the BoHos, and we have really looked at how we can improve on every level. We believe it is very important for hotels to be managing their guest feedback, as guests are key to everything we do, with genuine feedback we can only improve our standards and quality to a much higher level.” – Steven Quick, Group General Manager, Hogarths Hotel & Restaurant (shortlisted 2017)

“There are many awards out there that are given based on panels opinions who have never stayed at the hotels, and guest feedback is giving little consideration if any, so it’s refreshing that the Boho Awards are giving the awards based on actual guest feedback, which is of course the most important and best indicator about the hotels.” – Alex Horsfall, Director, The Valley Cottages Ltd (shortlisted 2017)



The conference has been great, really enjoyable, and I’ve learned a lot.

Neeraj Handa, director, The Cairn Group

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